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Frank is a licensed soccer coach and creative play- maker. He has developed his playing and coaching skills in renowned German soccer clubs. (read more)


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Sue Mi - "I've only been once, but it was great. Coach Frank is knowledgeable and encouraging."

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Devon - "This was a great session. It was my second session with Coach Frank and I can't say enough about them. Very organized, practical, and effective. In two sessions I've already felt my quality on the ball and agility improving."

Ben - "Scored off a sweet header today, our drills came in handy."

Mark - "Wish I had a coach like Frank when I was young, and I played from 6 to 18. Knowledgable and helping my game."

Colin - "We had a great time, that was perfect."

Karina -  "Thanks so much for the class today. Nico really enjoyed it."
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